The photographer

Welcome to my website! I am happy you came over!  My name is Galina and I am children and family photographer serving New York City and New Jersey areas since 2011.

I am a proud mom of my handsome little boy and an aunt of my three beautiful nieces who inspired me for what I love to do the most – photography. I used to spend a lot of time with my nieces when they were little, back in 2011. Watching them every day growing and changing gave me an idea to start documenting each day of their fascinating childhood moments. My first camera was Canon EOS Rebel xsi with its basic lens and I took it everywhere with me to take pictures of my little girls (now they live in England and became beautiful teenage girls).

At some point I became a student at International Center of Photography in NYC where I was lucky to meet and be taught by amazing professionals some of whom who were generous enough to become my mentors. It was the beginning of my photography journey. After ICP there will be lots of photography workshops, online classes, opening Tribeca Kids Photography (now Urban Kids Photography),family photo sessions, events (birthdays, baby showers etc), product photography, model portfolio development, (Galina Kotivets Photography), work at NYC photography company as a school photographer and lots of other photography projects.

When my son was born I have decided to put all my experience and photography passion into family and children photography. And as a parent myself I feel more connected to families I work with and I can better understand my clients, providing the best experience.

I believe that photography is not only about taking pictures:

Every moment we spend together with the people we love and call our family is unique and priceless. Someone expecting their first baby, someone celebrating sweet 16 for their beautiful daughter, someone taking his/her little one to daycare for the first time… We try hard to keep memory of every important moment together. But we can only remember that much. So what about a child’s smile when a birthday cake appeared on the table, or the most sincere hug toddlers can give to their grandparents, or that happy moment when future parents find out if they are having a boy or girl? They only last a fraction of a minute and then are lost forever unless caught by the watchful camera eye.

That’s why I believe that photography is not only about taking pictures. It’s also about creating memories. It captures the true feelings and the best moments in life and keeps them forever.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”CESARE PAVESE