The sessions

Schedule your photo session: 

Work with me is very easy and I have pretty  flexible schedule. Once you chose a Photo session package contact with me, I will happily answer  all your questions you may have and help you to choose date and time for your photo session. Your child’s schedule is the first factor I’ll use to determine the photo session  time. Mornings are often the best time for a child mood-wise. Luckily, they also provide excellent light. If you don’t like to wake up early seasonal evening shoots are available to take advantage of beautiful light when the sun is going down. The lighting effects are simply spectacular.

TIP:The best time to schedule photo session:

Urban Kids Photography will help commemorate your joys, milestones and successes has family: Pregnancy, Newborns 7-14 days old, 9 -10 months (sweet age for baby portrait!), starting to crawl, walk, and other to baby milestones, 1st Birthday, Moving to new home, Graduation, Holidays, Parties it anything you would like to.

If you are doing pregnancy photo session good time to schedule is 32-37 weeks. What’s most important is when you are feeling good and are more comfortable. This time can be different for everyone, so I encourage you to get in touch with me to discuss

Newborn sessions are scheduled within the first two weeks of life. These next stage after newborn is 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. You miss newborn session – is recommended to wait until 6 months when baby is full of giggles and can hold his or her head up – your will get much more out your session.

It natural light photographer and nothing is better these beauty and availability of natural light. That why all photo shoots take place on location. It can your child’s Favorite Park or playground or maybe playroom, rooftop, beach, and it streets of NYC, your home. Always choose location where you and your child will feel more comfortable. I don’t use fill lights and reflectors during photo sessions for children feel more relax and comfortable.

Getting ready:

TIPs: How to get ready and What to wear. You can always in touch with me if you will have any questions or need any suggestions on preparation.

Come and join me for fun photo shoot:

During photo session I always give each family the time they need to get ready and get more comfortable in front of the camera, especially if there is small children. I do pose children if I see they are ready to cooperate. All family, maternity and newborn photo sessions take approximately an hour, maximum an hour and a half (this excludes mini sessions which are maximum 30 mins).

TIP: What can make your child happy

Bring drinks and snacks, if your child has favorite toy take with you, it will make your little one happy and more relaxed. Additionally, children should ready to photographed freshly wiped face, clothes on and full tummy!

Printing and Delivering you final product: 

After our photo session start editing process which is completed by 2 weeks from photo session date. You will receive an e-mail with link to your online protected photo gallery. After that you will have 2 weeks to make your print order according to your package. It usually takes 5-7 days your printing products ready for delivery. Same day or next day delivery available during workdays Monday-Friday.

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